1962 January  
Established under the corporate name "Mitsubishi Reynolds Aluminum Co., Ltd. " by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, Mitubishi Chemical Corporation, and other Mitubishi Group companies, with Reynolds International, Inc. U.S.A., for the comprehensive production of aluminum mill products.
1963 January  
Started construction of the comprehensive aluminum fabrication plant (Fuji Plant), with the state of the art production facilities for extrusions, plates, sheets, coils and foils.
1963 October  
Started production of extrusions. / Osaka Branch opened.
1964 October  
Started production of foil.
1965 June  
Fuji Plant completed.
1965 October  
Started production of sheet and coil.
1966 February  
Nagoya Branch opened.
1968 January  
Fuji Plant designated by the Tokyo Bureau of International Trade and Industry as a factory authorized to use the "JIS mark" on her products.
1970 January  
Corporate name Changed to "Mitsubishi Aluminum Co., Ltd.".
1971 September  
Entered into a license agreement with Reynolds Metals Company for aluminum fl uxless vacuum brazing.
1971 November  
Received offi cial recognition for industrial standards from the Director of the Tokyo Bureau of international Trade and Industry.
1972 June  
Installed a laboratory-type vacuum brazing furnace and began providing technical services on vacuum brazing to potential customers.
1975 December  
Entered into a license agreement with Incilco, Corp., U.S.A., to manufacture highperformance thin walled seamless tubes and heat exchangers.
1977 November  
Established the Technical Development Center at the Fuji Plant.
1985 November  
Established a joint venture company, Thermalex, in the U.S.A. with Incilco Corp. to manufacture extrusions for automotive heat exchangers.
1986 November  
Completed the new packaging plant.
1988 July  
Established MA Packaging Co., Ltd.
1994 July  
Opened a representative offi ce in Bangkok.
1995 August  
Opened a representative offi ce in Shanghai.
1995 October  
Transferred the right to sell some of our fabricated products, such as, heat sink to MA Fabtec Co., Ltd., one of our subsidiary companies.
1995 November  
Invested capital in Varopakorn Public Company in Bangkok, Thailand, and entered into a technical assistance agreement with this Bangkok based corporation.
1996 April  
Established MALC-THAI Co., Ltd., in Bangkok, Thailand.
1997 June  
Established MUANG-MAX (THAILAND) Co., Ltd., in Bangkok, Thailand.
2002 August  
Entire Fuji Plant operation was designated as an ISO9001 plant.
2003 November  
Entire Fuji Plant operation was designated as an ISO14001 plant.
2004 September  
Established MA CHINA EXTRUSION (SUZHOU) Co., Ltd. in Suzhou New District, China.
2006 March  
Entire all Company operation was designated as an ISO9001 Comany.
2008 June  
Acquired all shares of Thermalex and made it our fully owned subsidiary.
2009 January  
Integrated MA Packaging Co., Ltd., MA Foil Co., Ltd., and our Containes Products Division and established a fully integrated processing foil company, MA Packaging Co., Ltd.
2009 December  
Completed installation of the new hot rolling mill (hot fi nisher).
2013 September  
Established MA EXTRUSION INDIA PYT., Ltd. in Gujarat, India.