President's Message

Presenting unique Mitsubishi Aluminum products to customers in the world with advanced technologies.

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In just a hundred and several tens of years after industrialization, aluminum has been rapidly widespread in society and has become an important part of our life. Aluminum is a very young metal and a promising material that has further and infinite possibilities in future.

Since our foundation in 1962, as a fully integrated aluminum rolling company, we have always pursued advanced technologies and have been developing, manufacturing and selling high quality aluminum sheet, extruded, and foil products for applications such as beverage can materials, auto parts and capacitors.

Also as a manufacturer handling aluminum which is the environment-friendly metal, our entire group is working on the recycling business of aluminum beverage cans to build a recycle-based society.

Beyond aluminum materials, we provide products such as industrial equipment, exterior parts, processed foils for food and pharmaceuticals products and supply them globally through our overseas locations in the U.S., Thailand and China.

Always with a strong sense of responsibility and pride in providing aluminum to enrich people's life, we are committed to continue rapidly providing our unique products that will satisfy our customers through the combined power of the entire Mitsubishi Aluminum Group. We thank you for your continued support.